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Apprenticeship Basics for Employers

The Basics:

Apprenticeships are funded by the Skills Funding Agency and often co-funded by the European Social Fund and the SFA set the following rules:







English and maths - are a key part of apprenticeship frameworks in the form of Functional skills or GCSES and ICT is often also included.  Apprentices will be required to attend our training centres to take tests where travel distance is less than ten miles.


Raising of the participation age for education and training (RPA) - The government has raised the participation age in England. A change in the law means that all young people are now required to continue in education or training until their 18th birthday.


Ensuring Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – We will work with you and your apprentice in the most appropriate way to meet their individual needs and to ensure that they are treated fairly and benefit from a wide range of support if required.  If you would like to attend one of our workshops please contact Rachel Timms or Lynette Crane on 0800 0281 576 or equality@hoet.co.uk


Safeguarding and the Prevent agenda (Prevent is the Governments strategy to stop people being drawn into terrorism) Our staff are trained to recognise and report anything that may be a cause for concern.  If you would like to attend one of our workshops please contact Jan Gibson or Matthew Barry on 0800 0281 576 or safeguarding@hoet.co.uk.


Quality assurance – We are inspected and graded by Ofsted.  If you work with us it is likely that you will be asked to be involved in the inspection process.  To reflect Ofsted practices our quality assurance team will wish to observe our staff delivering training/ assessment to your apprentice periodically.  These visits could be ‘unannounced’ to the trainer/ assessor however we will always seek appropriate permission on arrival at your premises.  We will ask you to give us your views on the quality of our service to help us to make improvements in our programmes.  We also would encourage you to feedback on your experience by visiting www.employerview.ofsted.gov.uk

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